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I'm in the middle of an online course on Windows Server 2008 but I did not want to let a week slip by without a round of fantastic articles. This week, some of brightest luminaries in the business today discuss story structure.  From across the pond, three articles on the business of publishing and the future of books.  Therese Walsh discusses inspiration while Jael McHenry gives a few pointers on using social media to promote your product.  Joe Konrath has some tongue in cheek advice on how to succeed...and how not to care.   And for comic book fans, friend and author Bob Greenberger presents The Art of Howard Chaykin.

Not Caring by JA Konrath

How to Succeed by JA Konrath

Internal and External Inspirations by Therese Walsh

Why We Buy by Jael McHenry

Donald Maas, James Scott Bell, and Christopher Vogler Discuss Story Structure

The Death of Books Has Been Greatly Exaggerated by Lloyd Shepherd

Novelists Need Publishers by Jane Rogers

Amazon Strikes First Major Publishing Deal by Alison Flood

The Art of Howard Chaykin by Bob Greenberger

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