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This week, MJ Rose lays down the rules of book publicity and marketing while Brian Klems offers advice on posting your novel for free online.  Sharon Bially takes a look at a writer's vision, Brunonia Barry delves into the first rewrite, and Monica Bhide offers ten ways writers lose blog traffic and alienate readers....and JA Konrath?  Well, he's had enough of the same tired arguments.

10 Ways Writers Lose Blog Traffic and Alienate Their Readers by Monica Bhide

Should You Post Your Novel Online for Free? by Brian A. Klems

How to Keep Some Privacy When Using Social Media  by Tim Beyers

Same Tired Arguments by JA Konrath

The First Rewrite by Brunonia Barry

What's Your Vision?  by Sharon Bially

Buzz, Balls, and Hype: The Rules Part One by MJ Rose

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