Somewhere in the Middle of Eternity

Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015

I was waiting at the bank today when I checked FB on my phone. I saw Mr. Nimoy's image and I knew what the caption would be even before I scrolled down to read it. It was the news I'd feared since his hospitalization. The cast of Star Trek have always been an inspiration to me and the characters they portrayed, my heroes since childhood. It has been an honor to meet each of them at cons and other events over the decades. Definitely memories I will always treasure.

Below was the first time I met Mr. Nimoy at a book signing in 1998 at the Montgomery Mall in Pennsylvania.  With me were friends Vince Maiocco and Inge Heyer--now Dr. Inge Heyer, PhD and co-con chair of
Shore Leave.  

Nimoy BooksigningNimoy 1931-2015
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