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ReDeus: Divine Tales UPDATE

In an earlier blog post, I talked about  new project for which I had been invited to submit a short story.  With just over three weeks until the debut of the ReDeus: Divine Tales anthology, I wanted to offer a summary of my story.  "There Be In Dreams No War" is a tale based on the Celtic mythology of the Tuatha de Danann, the gods who brought human civilization to Ireland and the Isle of Man. 

Following the summary is the ReDeus logo, then a rough sketch of the gorgeous interior artwork by the amazing Carmen Carnero.  I hope to post the finished, inked piece shortly.

In 2250 B.C., two divine races battled for dominion over the land known today as Ireland.  Weary of oppression at the hands of Fomorian ogres, the benevolent people of the Tuatha de Danann rebelled, led by their king known as the Dagda and the sea god, Manannan. 

Yet their victory was not achieved solely by the blade but also with a magical harp known as Uaithne.  Among its many amazing powers was the ability to put an enemy to sleep with its song.  As the Fomorians fell, their queen Cethleen assassinated the Dagda and stole his harp.  Upon discovering that the Uaithne would sing for no one but the Dagda and his harper, Cethlenn cast it into the Irish Sea never to be played again.

Four thousand years later, the gods have returned and Ireland is again divided between them. This time, the Tuatha de Danann find themselves gravely outnumbered and without their mighty king.  When the harp is recovered by a diving expedition, the sea god Manannan takes possession.  Believing he has found the reincarnation of the Dagda's harper in a New Yorker named Laurie Golden, Manannan brings her to his castle on the Isle of Man on the eve of invasion by the Fomorians.

As Manannan prepares for a showdown with Cethlenn's forces, will the Uaithne sing once more and lead the Tuatha de Danann to victory or will the Fomorians slaughter the last of the benevolent gods?

ReDeus is the creation of award winning writers Robert Greenberger, Aaron Rosenberg, Paul Kupperberg, and Steve Savile. The premise: What if all of the ancient gods of every Earth culture returned in 2012? Fast forward to 2032. What would life be like in those two decades?

Other contributing writers include Steven H. Wilson, Lawrence Schoen, Allyn Gibson, Dave Galanter and more.

ReDeus will be published by Crazy 8 Press and available in print and eBook in early August 2012.  We will have a book launch at Shore Leave 34, an annual SF convention in Hunt Valley, MD.