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This week, Jane Friedman encourages writers to use their unique personalities as a marketing tool. Amy Durham provides tips on finding time to write. Jami Gold wants to know if you, writer, are in this for the long haul?  Jody Hedlund discusses writer-reader interaction.  Dean Wesley Smith offers another chapter from his "Think Like a Publisher" series.   Konrath writes a letter to the DoJ and delves into the details of publishing contracts, royalty rates, and more.  Nathan Bransford sees no reason why self and traditional publishing can't get along.  Bob Mayer declares that "niche is the future" for bookstores.

And we have a few recaps from this past weekend's Balticon 46 SF/Fantasy con in Maryland.

What Authors Seem to Forget About Marketing--Especially Those Who Dislike It by Jane Friedman

Making Time to Write by Amy Durham

Unconscionability and Joe's Letter to the DoJ by JA Konrath

Are You In This for the Long Haul? by Jami Gold

Think Like a Publisher: Chapter Four - Production and Scheduling by Dean Wesley Smith

Traditional vs. Self-Publishing is a False Dichotomy by Nathan Bransford

How Much Interaction Should Authors Have With Readers? by Jody Hedlund

The Future of Bookstores by Bob Mayer

Recaps of Balticon 46 by Steven H. Wilson, Laura Inglis, and Yours Truly.

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