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We have many questions this week ranging from platform building to deadlines, from feedback to self-publishing. To help answer those, we have Jane Friedman, Jody Hedlund, Jami Gold, and David Gaughran, respectively.   Lawrence Block discusses eBooks and self publishing and we get new installments from Dean Wesley Smith in his Think Like a Publisher and New World of Publishing series.  Roz Morris offers advice on writing jacket blurb while Matt Paust announces a decision by the Authors Guild to offer membership to self pubbed authors.

Should You Focus on Your Writing or Your Platform?  by Jane Friedman

Do Deadlines Help Us or Hurt Us? by Jody Hedlund

Why Does Feedback Hurt So Much? by Jami Gold

Tips for Writing Back Cover Copy by Roz Morris via Jami Gold

All Changed, Changed Utterly by Lawrence Block

Was Self Publishing the Right Decision? by David Gaughran

Authors Guild Opens Door to Self Published Writers by Matt Paust

'These Are Your Kids On Books' Poster Goes Viral by Jason Boog

Three from Dean Wesley Smith

Think Like a Publisher 2012: Expected Costs

Think Like a Publisher 2012: Projected Income

The New World of Publishing: Respect

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