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By Your Side
This week's round up includes excellent advice from Hildy Silverman regarding proper panelist etiquette. The Seattle Times seems to be hurling a few sticks and stones at Amazon lately.  Digital Book World examines the DoJ lawsuit from a couple different angles.  Dean Wesley Smith talks long about short fiction while Ashley Ream touches on time management.  Jami Gold and Jody Hedlund talk about the voice and life of your story, respectively.  Allison Winn Scotch wants us to push ourselves and Steven H. Wilson gets depressing.

10 Things To Think About When Sitting on a Writing Panel by Hildy Silverman via Jon Gibbs

Amazon Trying to Wring Deep Discounts from Publishers by Amy Martinez

Amidst Justice Department Lawsuit, Kindle Ebook Prices Rise Sharply by Jeremy Greenfield

Hachette Settles With DoJ, Admits No Involvement In Conspiracy by Digital Book World

When to Mail Short Fiction to Traditional Publishers by Dean Wesley Smith

How to Write a Book When You're Really, Really Busy by Ashley Ream

Do Your Stories Match Your Voice? by Jami Gold

7 Setting Basics That Can Bring a Story to Life by Jody Hedlund

On Pushing Yourself To Be Better by Allison Winn Scotch

The Community Behind the Independent Bookstore by Bob Proehl

Downers! Really Depressing Stories and How I Grew With Them by Steven H. Wilson

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BY YOUR SIDE (March 2013)
You're all alone here, alone among the dead.

While haunted by visions of her brother's suicide,
psychic-medium Miranda Lorensen is called to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to investigate a series of bizarre deaths—some of which are also suicides. Miranda and her team of paranormal investigators quickly find themselves confronted by a vengeful spirit awakened thirty-three years after a bloody family tragedy. Miranda realizes that only she can stop the entity before it claims its final victims, but will her obsession for saving lives redeem her for the brother she failed?

A paranormal tale of child abuse and redemption.

Daniel Masenda thought he had made peace with his dark past when he left his home for a better life fourteen years ago. As the mayor of a small, tranquil town along Virginia’s Eastern Shore, Daniel has everything he ever wanted - until a series of haunting visions, coupled with the death of his estranged mother, pits him against two ghostly entities at war with one another. Each has its own agenda as they force Daniel to relive moments from his violent youth and push him to the edge of insanity. As his idyllic life begins to unravel, will he be able to decipher the message behind the hauntings before they destroy, not only him, but the soul of someone he left behind?


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