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We have a quite a variety this week as Goodreads CEO, Otis Chandler, shares his insights on book discovery.  Alma Katsu rings in on the topic of fan fiction which is receiving a lot of press lately.  Bob Mayer calls attention to issues with  book reviews on Amazon (and any commerical site for that matter) while Shelli Johnson warns how writers get revenge.  Jael McHenry encourages us to write what we don't know and Jody Hedlund offers effective dialogue tips. Kristine Kathryn Rush gives us her take on recent events in the traditional publishing industry.  Editor Dave King advises us on ways to show and tell what our chracters are feeling.

And congratulations to Lance Woods, creator of Superhuman Times, on the upcoming release of his debut novel, Heroic Park from Firebringer Press!

Winning the Battle of Book Discovery by Otis Chandler, Goodreads Founder and CEO

What Comes First, the Platform or the Book? by Edward Nawotka

Is Fan Fiction Ready to Go Mainstream Thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey? by Alma Katsu

Amazon Book Reviews: Democracy in Action, Ignorance or Bullying? by Bob Mayer

The Business Rusch: Pay No Attention to That Man Behind the Curtain by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Bigger Than Agency, Bigger Than eBooks: The Case Against Apple & Publishers by Tim Carmody

7 Dialog Basics That Can Help Tighten Our Stories by Jody Hedlund

BEWARE - Writers Have Long Memories by Shelli Johnson

Flip the Script: Write What You Don't Know by Jael McHenry

Showing and Telling Emotion in Fiction by Dave King

And We're Back...With a Novel! by Lance Woods on the upcoming release of his first novel, Heroic Park

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