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This week, I am using the number 5 as a subliminal message for all of you to send me $5.  Is it working?  No? Bummer.  Nevertheless, we get high fives from some fine folks at Writer's Digest, everything from tips on writing a novel that sells, to crafting a synopsis, writing to an online audience, creating suspense, surviving that problem editor and more!

Then Dennis Johnson explains why Amazon in a thug. Dean Wesley Smith rings in on pricing indie books, Jami Gold discusses platform building and social media, and friends Bob Greenberger, Peter David, and Michael Jan Friedman are brought into a new M. Night Shyamalan project... read on!

Return of the Thug: Amazon Removes Buy Buttons of Thousands of eBooks from Indie Distributor that Won't Play Ball  by Dennis Johnson

The New World of Publishing: Pricing Indie Books...Some 2012 Thoughts by Dean Wesley Smith

Goodbye Google Friend Connect, Now What? by Jami Gold

5 Tips for Writing a Novel/Memoir Synopsis  by Chuck Sambuchino

5 Keys to Writing for an Online Audience by Jane Friedman

Imagining Life After Earth by Bob Greenberger

Self-Published Author Kerry Wilkinson Outsold Patterson, Stieg Larsson by Mike Tuttle

How to Resurrect a Stalled Manuscript by Aine Greaney 

The 5 Steps to Writing a Novel that Sells by Blythe Camenson and Marshal J. Cook

5 Simple Steps on Creating Suspense in Fiction by Leigh Michaels

5 Tips on How to Survive the Problem Editor by Wayne Hoffman

Paypal Strong-Arms Indie eBook Publishers Over Erotic Content by Violet Blue