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Happy Valentine's Day!
A slightly abbreviated list this week as I am buried in work and getting ready for Farpoint.  Among today's selections, Joe Konrath vows that Amazon will destroy you.  Dean Wesley Smith reviews the cost of indie production while Jody Hedlund discusses the importance of book covers in this digital age.  From Writer Unboxed, Ann Aguirre asks what makes books magical and Joanne Baggot advises us to just breathe.   PC Magazine accuses self publishers of overloading eBooks with porn. I found PC Mag's article to be an insulting blanket statement and biased against self publishers, but that's just my not so humble opinion.

On lighter notes, Harlan Ellison makes an appearance to discuss...well...anything.  And a slightly belated congratulations to Kelly Meding on the release of the fourth book in her Dreg City series!

Amazon Will Destroy You by JA Konrath

What Indie Production Actually Costs by Dean Wesley Smith

Book Covers: Are They Important in the Digital Age? by Jody Hedlund

What Makes A Book Magical? by Ann Aguirre

The Trick is to Breathe by Julianna Baggot

Self Publishers Stuff Nook, Kindle Comics with Porn by Sascha Segan (via Steven H. Wilson)

Harlan Ellison, Lunatic Genius by Paul T. Bradley

Release Day: Wrong Side of Dead by Kelly Meding

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