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This week, readers strike back against Lynn Shepherd for her diatribe against J.K. Rowling.  Birgitte Rasine explains the four elements of pain.  Catherine McKenzie cites five things to know before publishing your first book.    Speaking of publishing, Michael Kozlowski feels that a self-pubbed writer has no claim to the title "author". Digital Book World's Jeremy Greenfield responds.  Joe Konrath examines how writers and publishers ascertain their identities, which also ties into Kozlowski's article.

Amanda Headlee shares a touching history behind the creation of her story, "Parallax", for our upcoming anthology, Somewhere in the Middle of Eternity.   And did you know that writing is so easy, a caveman can do it?

All that and a little more.  Enjoy!

Crime Author Reaps Whirlwind After Urging JK Rowling to Stop Writing by Alison Flood

Theme of the Day: Pain by Birgitte Rasine

5 Things I Wished I Knew Before I Published My First Book by Catherine McKenzie

Gatekeeping: Snobbery or Quality Control? by Ed Charlton

Identity and the Writer by Joe Konrath

Self-Publishers Should Not Be Called Authors by Michael Kozlowski

Why Self-Publishers Should Call Themselves Anything They Want by Jeremy Greenfield

Shaping the Story by Amanda Headlee

How to Take Criticism Like a Pro by J.E. Fishman via Kristen Lamb

Writing--So Easy a Caveman Can Do It by Kristen Lamb

Here's What Pantsing and Plotting Miss: The Real Story by Lisa Cron
Kozlowski's rant...
Would be more credible, were it written in grammatical English. "Indie authors and self-published authors who claim they are real authors makes me laugh." *Ahem!*

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